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  • 10x your results vs. 2x 

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A 3 day weekend experience in Asheville, NC for athlete entrepreneurs - aka you are fit & have a business & are looking to take BOTH to the next level.  

The Ultra life experience


Get started the same day you sign up.  A one-of-a-kind space with 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, guest workshops, mini-modules, and more. Lifetime access to the program & 12 months of coaching.

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Work together 1:1 to reach the goal on your heart & head, that feels impossible to reach, do it having more fun, and getting 10X results. 

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Ways to reach your GOALS & DREAMS together

Clients are winning & have a life changing experience 

Kim C.

This coaching was life changing.  Thank you so much for nudging me to what I really wanted to have accomplished things I never in my life thought I could do. 


Group Coaching Client

I actually have a scale victory which I haven't had in a long while! I am down 9 pounds as of today! I also took some measurements & there is a downward trend which is great and have definitely lost some inches around my body.

A win for me this week is I've been on vacation in the mountains with my family, and I've pretty easily stayed on track while also enjoying some treats! We hiked a lot with the kids (1 mile today!) so I also got a lot of intentional movement in

Being in the health and wellness industry myself, I found I needed some accountabilty for my own goals. Samantha helped me think outside the box and set realistic/acheiveable goals! She is wise, knowledgeable, experienced, and extremely positive and supportive. Thanks Samantha!

Elaine S.

1:1 Client 

1:1 Client

Lara T.


Eric B.

Arlene S.

Samantha is very passionate about helping you reach your goals. She makes it very simple and works with your schedule. I am now moving and exercising on a regular basis. I highly recommend Samantha!

Went from couch to 100 miles a week riding.  New belt is almost too big. and lost 20lbs in 3 months.  This feels like a movie!

I feel like I have a lot of wins.  I made better food choices than I have in a long time. It feels good to start out the program strong! I love that this program looks at nutrition and movement so differently from other people in the health space!

Oh my goodness, you are inspiring me and reminding me that sometimes physical fitness can be playful as well. I can get way too serious about fitness and cut out the fun. Thank you for the motivation.

44 yrs old - first summer in over 15 yrs years to do something she loves and be in a swimsuit. Feels good to feel good

Before working together I didn’t feel confident and now I  felt a different spark again in my marriage.  I felt noticed by him.  I feel super confidence now.
I used to hate shorts, so never wore them, and would sweat to death each summer. Didn’t like arms, so would cover up. 
Now I don’t like flowy things -& I actually LOVE shorts!