I help busy women & men go from surviving to thriving in health & life.

First, lose the 1st 10lbs with my simple & doable formula for busy lives. 

Then, go for big ultra life goals that light you up. 

this is your time. 
This is your year.

You are DONE playing small.

You are sick and tired, of being SICK & TIRED. 

You feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, and life doesn't light you up right now.

You have tried all the things, the diet plans, joining a gym, even a trainer and still don’t have the results you want. 

You are BUSY and want to stop waking up feeling like shit, feeling held back from loving what you see in the mirror and feeling energized & confident...

So you can live the life you REALLY want and see for yourself.
I KNOW you have a vision.  

Together we can and WILL create your vision. 

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i've got over 15+ years in the Health & Fitness industry to learn what works and what doesn't.  A Master's Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion that got me into coaching.

I worked for one of the #1 Health & Fitness start-ups for weight loss, NOOM, where I coached thousands of members to success and saw the patterns of what works & what doesn't.

On top of my own experience in life that includes having two amazing little boys & mom-hood that keeps me busy alone (having maintained & lost the weight both pregnancies), running ultramarathons for over 9 years, teaching group fitness for over 6 years, and overall living my dream life that I want to offer is available to you all.

don't wait another year.

Let's go

This is different

It's simple & doable.
it will last for life,
not just 30 days

no matter what your circumstances are.

No matter how busy your life is

You will actually GAIN more time, energy, and freedom back 

Ditch the overwhelm...

no more feeling overwhelmed, lost, or confused

instead feel in control, confident, and powerful


*Lose 10-20lbs in 4 months
*Gain TIME back-get more done in LESS time.
*Productivity will soar through the roof
*Get DRESSED and feel good in your clothes.
*Wear the shorts, the dress, the shirt with a flat stomach...
*Better mental health - less depression/anxiety
*Double your salary because you have the energy to show up
*Feel BETTER daily.
*10x your CONFIDENCE
*Increased SEX drive
*Zero to little cravings for junk food & sweets
-Being that present parent, hitting your sales goals, starting your business or taking it to the next level, asking for the raise, and MORE.
*Start your business or take it from a hobby to profitable
*Get a raise, make more money, buy your dream home


A Community Workout for ALL ages & levels to promote moving our bodies more & doing it together!! To create an environment and opportunity for all to get a workout in, have fun doing it, and build healthy habits in our community. Whether you are just getting started or are an athlete. This is a space to connect, give back, grow, and encourage one another. 

every friday at the velodrome at carrier park
all ages & levels welcome

-You can walk or run the loop, bike, roller skate, run the stairs or use green space.
self led workouts, but we meet as a group. 

community group workout

Thank you!

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