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Movement & working out have been SO powerful in my life.  Once I fully realized how powerful they are, I can't shut up about it!
It's not about 'working out' to burn calories, to specifically lose weight, or because you 'should' or 'have to' to improve your health. 
It's about living your BEST life.
It's about having the energy to be more present & engage with your kids, your spouse, and loved ones.  It's about having the most creative ideas for your business or work and being more productive in less time to implement them.
  It's about making healthier choices naturally to complement the life you want to live, so you lose weight without even thinking about it.

It's about having the freedom to go after those BIG goals and seeing what is really possible for you in life...and it all starts with moving your body.

i'm so glad you are here!


I ran my first ultra-marathon, the Keys 50 miler, in May 2013 and have been hooked on running ultramarathons ever since! Running two or so a year, even while pregnant! My most recent ultra was finally completing a 100 mile race, taking 1st place female, running it in 27:48 hours. 

Born to Run, by Christopher McDougal was my introduction to ultras, as were many others.  I highgly recommend this book as a great read and very inspirational!

ultra marathon runner

I have two sweet little dudes, Lawson Woods, 6 years old and Waylon Sage, 4 years old.  

They both have long hair like their Mom, one likes veggies and the other likes sweets;0 

Their smile is contagious and I love watching them grow every day!

Boy mom!

Losing and maintaining weight doesn't have to mean deprievation!  This is about finding the right balance for you, so you can live life and live at your ideal body weight! 
My favorite chocolate bars are the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Truffle and the Love Letter Dark Chocolate bars! 

I love chocolate!

I am originally from Green Bay (DePere), Wisconsin, home of the Green Bay Packers and Cheeseheads!
My home now is Asheville, North Carolina and I absolutely love everything about it.  The mountains, the community, the people, the food, the craft beer, art, and more! 

originally from wisconsin

I love reading!  In particular, non-fiction, personal development books.  I haven't read a fiction book since college and have probably read all the classics and more out there on self-help, personal development, goal setting, mindset work, coaching, and more!
You can find me curled up to a good book before bed and always have a list ready for what to read next!

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