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10 Quick & Easy protein packed smoothies

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My go-to smoothie for a quick healthy protein packed breakfast to keep you going all morning & then some!

Go-to HIIT workout guide in 20 minutes or less

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If you are always saying you have not time to workout, this is a must-have bonus guide to stay fit in 20 minutes or less!

Meal plan by the seat of your pants

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Meal planning for busy lifestyles.  Make healthy choices simple, easy, and delicious!

These are things that I use daily or so often that they are now staples in living my healthy lifestyle!

health & wellness tools


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My afternoon pick up me, electrolyte replacement, and overall a go-to drink for years now!
Use code: LTSLFSPORTEA for 15% off!

Superieur Electrolytes

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My go to electrolyte replacement drink & to switch things up in the afternoon! Bonus: my boys love it too!
Use code: SWEATLIFE for 15% off

polar water bottle

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My favorite water bottle of all time!  I've used these for years now and love for ease, no leak, and no sweating!

workout gear

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My favorite pieces from Lululemon to JoyLab from Target. Get the details on sweat style here!


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The best sunglasses for everyday and to sweat in!
Oh, and super affordable & fun!

Passion planner

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The best physical planner I have found and used for over two years!

soulku necklaces

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A necklace that can stand the test of any workout & gives you what you need in the season you are in in life.
Use code: THESWEATLIFE for 20% off!

BPN Supplements

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My current go-to for Electrolytes, Whey Protein, & Strong Greens mix. 
Aside from great products they are a stand up company.


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