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Living the ultra life

Samantha started from humble beginnings in a small town, DePere, Wisconsin, leaving home at 17 years old and never looking back.

Those early years were full of growth opportunites...
Having grown up with divorced parents, an alcoholic mother, a dad that left at 16 years old, started smoking at 14 years old, getting in with the wrong crowd, taking over 6 years to graduate with her Bachelors...

To completing her Masters Degree, earning Suma Cum Laude honors, running ultra marathons up to 100 miles, becoming a top placing female athlete, starting a family, having her dream partner, starting her thriving coaching business, and overall living her dream life,

Samantha shares from the heart, knows how to relate to uncomfortable circumstances, and get folks to see what is POSSIBLE for their life in BIG ways. 

samantha will not only inspire & motivate your audience, but she will show them how to get into action & actually create change

The sweat life

Get ready to TRANSFORM.

Get ready to shift your beliefs about working out, make it super simple, have fun, and create the RESULTS you desire. 

If you feel like you have no time.
If you have started and stopped workout out before, and haven't ever found a way to be consistent.
If you hate going to the gym and working out.
If you do know you have some time, but are lost on what to do with it to workout, with it at the gym.
If you have been working out and aren't seeing the results you want..
If you are tired of being so tired, having no libido, no patience for you kids, feeling like sh*t more often than you feel good.

Moving your body will give you more freedom than you ever imagined possible.  Together we will change your life, I promise..

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living an ultra life
Overcoming Challenges
Athletic Adventure
movement as momentum in life
start small. finish big. finally reach that goal
time & energy management
Making the Impossible Possible
how to do it all

Samantha enjoys speaking at corporate, public, and private events on the following topics.

Keynote topics

*chamber of commerce asheville

*Young Professional Association

*Beauty Boost Asheville

*Asheville racquet club

*Private events

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